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Spring in the Cochem holiday region

Spring – in the Cochem holiday region this is the time when the red Moselle vineyard peach blossoms, with the glow of its delicate pink flowers in the vineyards visible from afar.

Nature awakens from its hibernation and the holiday period begins in Cochem. Stroll around Cochem’s Easter market looking for pretty trinkets for your Easter decorations or why not sample the delights of the red Moselle vineyard peach at the Blossom Festival on Easter Sunday, where Cochem’s peach fairy will also be making an appearance.
A prelude to the many wine festivals in the Moselle area is the traditional Moselle Wine Week in Cochem, where winegrower’s from the area offer their fine wines in the small square “Endertplatz” wine village. The vineyard festival on the “sunny side” of Cochem, known as the area of Cond, is also an integral part of spring/early summer.

Come and discover the springtime pleasures of the Cochem holiday region for yourself!

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Summer in the Cochem holiday region

In summer the colour green dominates the river landscape of the Moselle.

For as far as the eye can see, the vines reveal their full splendour in the vineyards. If you enjoy warmer climes, the valley location of the Cochem holiday region is the perfect choice, as down here the temperatures are always a little higher than on the peaks of the Eifel and Hunsrück, which is way the Moselle Riesling grows predominantly here and why the foundation is already laid now for a first-class vintage in autumn.

Whether you take to a canoe or motorboat, opt for a boat trip, prefer to cycle along the Moselle or simply enjoy walking through the vineyards, the Cochem holiday region has a great range of activities to choose from in the summer. There are naturally also plenty of opportunities to let your hair down: the castle festival at Cochem’s Reichsburg is held on the first weekend of August every year and the traditional festivals also begin at this time of year.

Autumn in the Cochem holiday region

The classic season to experience in the Cochem holiday region is autumn.

Golden-yellow, orange, red and chestnut brown are the colours of autumn here, in fact one could almost say Indian summer if you look at the beautiful colours at play in the vineyards and the forests up high. Mild temperatures and lots of sunshine – the ideal weather for extended walks or comfortably sitting in the courtyard of a local winegrower to enjoy a glass of Moselle Riesling in complete tranquillity.

Autumn is also the most eventful time of year with regard to the choice of typical wine festivals to visit in the Moselle area. Wine festivals, street wine festival, cellar fairs and the first new wine festivals take place nearly every weekend in the villages of the Cochem holiday region. Whether you prefer a small and idyllic festival on a winegrower’s estate or the lively fun and antics at the Cochem wine festival which takes over most of the old town, there is something to suit everyone’s test.

Video: Mosel Wine harvest in Cochem Region


Winter in the Cochem holiday region

If you think that Cochem becomes a sleeping beauty in winter, then you don’t really know the inhabitants of the Moselle area!

The magnificent Reichsburg castle shines with the glow of thousands of lights and the scent of cinnamon, vanilla and confectionery wafts through the narrow, twisting streets that are lined with half-timbered houses. If you are looking for the perfect Christmas present, then look no further than the festively decorated wooden stalls at the Christmas market.

The highlight of the Christmas period is the “Castle Christmas” at the Reichsburg, where actors retell the story of the birth of Jesus to an audience of both young of old. A Christmas Eve programme in the Capuchin monastery and many packages arranged by hoteliers and hosts make the festive period in the Cochem holiday region an unforgettable experience. If you are feeling like a spot of action surrounded by nature, there is nothing better than to leave behind the hectics of everyday life and simply enjoy the idyllic winter river landscape.

Video: Wintertime in Moselle Valley in Cochem Region


Video: Christmas Market in Cochem


Carnival – the fifth season in the Cochem holiday region

It is not without reason that this period of crazy carnival antics is also referred to as the “fifth season” of the year. When the carnival clowns take over Cochem and strange events of the year are parodied at the traditional carnival parties (“Kappensitzungen”), everyone’s eyes stream with tears of laughter and you feel like you are in another world.

Shrovetide processions take place in virtually every village. A very special event is the procession of ghosts in Cochem, where the villagers all congregate dressed in bed sheets and walk through the town making rattling noises without saying a word, revealing their identities only at the end of the procession. The restaurateurs also cater for shrovetide and in many villages there are some serious celebrations in which you can participate.

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