Wine hiking

Whether hiking along the trail “Moselhöhenweg” high above the river, through the heart of the vineyards or along the Moselle itself, this activity is certainly taken seriously in the Cochem holiday region. Fifteen themed hiking trails which are part of the Mosel.Erlebnis.Route offer hikers plenty of variety and the opportunity to explore topics as diverse as wine, archaeology, flora and fauna, religion, art and literature.

The Calmont-Klettersteig (fixed rope route) which scales Europe’s steepest vineyard provides more of an adrenalin-filled buzz.

Partial routes and circular trails of between 3 and 15 kilometres are possible. We also offer guided tours with our WineExperienceExperts.

These guided hikes usually include a wine tasting session – either in the midst of the vineyards or at a local winery, where you will discover exciting and interesting facts about wine and the cultural landscape of the Moselle region.

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