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  • Reichsburg – Cochem Castle in Moselle Valley

    With its thousand years of history, the Reichsburg is a real centre of attraction in the Cochem holiday region. From whichever direction you approach the town, the castle majestically reigns down from its steep peak, which rises over 100 metres over the Moselle.
  • Cochem Old town

    The numerous well-preserved remains of the historic town wall with its old fortifications still bear witness to Cochem’s lively past.
  • Pinnerkreuz – panoramic view in Cochem

    High up on the peak of the Pinnerberg, which can be easily and comfortably reached with the Cochem chair lift, is the Pinnerkreuz, a viewpoint that affords a fantastic view of the Moselle Valley.
    The name can be traced back to a shepherd who wanted to save one of his stray sheep from falling down the mountain and lost his life in his endeavours. The cross was erected in his memory.
    Tip: hike up through the vineyards up to the viewpoint.
    Behind the train station in Cochem a footpath leads to the Pinnerberg.
  • Winneburg castle ruins

    In the valley “Enderttal”, the castle ruins of Winneburg dating from the year 1240 and built on top of a mountain ridge are also well worth a visit. In summer several knights’ rounds are held here in fine weather. The fun begins in Cochem where you leave the market place for one-hour hike up to the castle ruins in the company of a vigilante group. When you reach your destination, an entertainment programme fit for a knight awaits you, featuring music, costumed knights and rustic fare for young and old alike.
  • Mustard mill in Cochem

    Experience the almost 200-year-old mustard mill on a guided tour with expert mustard miller Wolfgang Steffens. Discover how this special gourmet mustard is created following self-created recipes that have been handed down through the generations.
  • Metternich castle ruins in Beilstein

    In the heart of the “Cochemer Krampen” in the small village of Beilstein the ruins of castle Metternich rise high above the village. From here you also have a splendid view out over the Moselle Valley.
  • Coraidelstein castle ruins in Klotten

    From the ruins of Coraidelstein, which was built in the year 960, you have a magnificent view of the village of Klotten and the Moselle Valley. The ruins can be reached via a path through the vineyards from Klotten.
  • The Gallo-Roman temple complex Martberg between Pommern and Karden

    …is located between Pommern and Karden, approx. 180 metres above the Moselle. The shrine was dedicated to the god Lenus Mars, who was worshipped there and lent the Martberg its name. During its heyday (around AD 200) this cult complex included several temples.
  • Historic town hall of Moselkern

    In the year 1535 the constructions of the parish hall was started at Oberstrasse in Moselkern. In 1590 a spacious annexe was added to the building. The result was an imposing building; while it was only 9 metres wide, it was 14 metres high and 18 metres deep: an impressive example of Moselle Franconian half-timbered construction.
  • Stuben Convent ruins in Bremm/Calmont

    Across the way from Bremm and situated on a peninsula is the former Stuben Convent with its impressive church ruins. The complex was founded at the beginning of the 12th century by the Augustinian nuns of Springiersbach Monastery. Today, all that remains are the exterior walls, apart from the west wall. The convent is mainly used in the summer for open-air events. The view of the ruins from Calmont is especially impressive.
  • Kreuzkapelle and relief in Ediger-Eller

    On the Ediger Mountain is the chapel “Kreuzkapelle”, where a replica of the Renaissance relief “Christ in the wine press” dating from the 16th century can be found. You can reach it via the “Cultural Trail of the Religions”, starting from the area of Ediger in the village Ediger-Eller.
  • The Merovingian Cross in Moselkern

    In 1915 a unique find was made on the churchyard of Moselkern: a stela made from basalt lava.
  • Roman Graves in Nehren

    The cultural trail “Römergräber” (Roman Graves) leads from Nehren through the vineyards up to the hill “Römerberg” and to the Roman grave temples.
  • Schlagkamp-Desoye wine museum in Senheim

    The wine museum with over 10,000 artefacts has one of the world’s largest collections of vintner’s apparatus, cellarman’s tools and wine treating equipment. Dieter Schlagkamp has been putting together this collection for over 30 years and it is on permanent exhibition in the banqueting hall of the estate, which was built in 1923.
  • Game and Leisure Park in Klotten

    Enjoy a day at the game park that is packed with exciting experiences in the open air, guaranteeing fun and relaxation for the whole family.
  • Treis Castle in Treis-Karden

    Treis has two castles, a fact that highlights the significance of the location at the time they were built.
  • The abbey church of St. Castor in Treis-Karden

    Also called "Moseldom" (Moselle Cathedral) by the locals, the church with its Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque style elements is art-historically one of the most significant sacred buildings on the Moselle.
  • The abbey museum in Treis-Karden

    The museum building is part of the historical abbey district and is adjacent to the abbey garden next to the church of St. Castor. The building is a true document of history.
  • Zilles chapel in Treis-Karden

    The Zilles chapel is situated on the slope of the Zillesberg mountain. Both the mountain and the chapel are named after St. Cyriakus, one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. In the local dialect "Cyriakus" became "Zilles". The chapel was first mentioned around 1100 and later again in 1257.



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