Wine festivals with the wine queen and Bacchus, the God of wine

Who hasn’t heard of the traditional Moselle wine festivals? And if you've experienced them before, you'll be sure to return time and again.

Every village in the Cochem holiday region organises its own wine festivals, street wine festivals, cellar fairs, wine fairs, vineyard festivals, new wine festivals and, as the highlight of the spring, the Moselle Wine Week in Cochem.

It’s not only delicious pleasures such as Riesling wines, spirits or liqueurs that you can experience at a wine festival; each town has it’s own wine queen, who always provides a real feast for the eyes. The wine queens represent their hometown or village together with (usually) two wine princesses. In a number of villages there is also the wine God Bacchus, complete with gown and beard, who cuts an imposing figure next to their royal wine majesties during processions.