Biking paths and tours

Cycling is seriously addictive here! There are routes and tours to suit everyone.

The bracing ascents in the Eifel and Hunsrück regions make for muscular calves, while a tour of the Moselle is perfect for those who prefer to take things a bit easier.

Embark on a personal discovery trail armed with our range of excellent cycle path maps, tour suggestions and many signposted routes..

Here are a few tour suggestions:

  • For pleasure cyclists - Part 1
    From Cochem take the cycle path to Ernst. Cross the Moselle bridge to get to Bruttig-Fankel. Your path continues along the road (with little traffic) to Cochem-Cond. From Valwig follow the cycle path under the road to Cond and Cochem. Take the old bridge across the Moselle to return to your starting point.
    Total distance: 16 kilometres.
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  • For pleasure cyclists - Part 2
    From Cochem take the cycle path via Ernst towards the direction of Poltersdorf. Here you have the possibility of taking the ferry to Beilstein (ferry times: from Easter to October daily from 9 am to 6 pm). From Beilstein cycle along the Moselle back to Cochem. From Beilstein you can also return by boat to Cochem.
    Total distance: approx. 20 kilometres.
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  • Variations for the more ambitious
    Cycle from Cochem via Ernst, Ellenz-Poltersdorf, Senhals, Ediger-Eller and Bremm until you reach Neef. Cross the bridge over the Moselle here. Continue to follow the Moselle downstream (some sections of the route consist of unsurfaced agricultural tracks until shortly before Senheim). Continue on the road via Mesenich, Beilstein, Bruttig-Fankel until you reach Vallwig. From Vallwig take the cycle path under the road to Cond and Cochem.
    Total distance: 51 kilometres.
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Also looking for some altitude? No problem! The Eifel and Hunsrück have inclines aplenty:

  • Small Eifel tour
    From Cochem cycle along by the Moselle to Ellenz-Poltersdorf, at the entrance to the village there is a well established vineyard path (tarmac path) through the village after an incline you reach district road K 22. From there, turn right towards “Ferien- und Golfresort” (Holiday and Golf Resort) either directly on the district road or on the path that runs alongside the district road. The Holiday and Golf Resort provides an ideal opportunity to stop and take a break. Follow the car-free road (no through traffic) towards Ediger or Eller which leads downhill towards the Moselle (steep incline, brake all the way!). When you reach the Moselle, cycle back to Cochem. From Eller you also have the option of travelling back to Cochem by train.
    Total distance: 24 kilometres, variation returning by train: 12 kilometres. 160 m altitude difference.
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