Excursion destinations in the region

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Trier - the oldest town in Germany

The Roman town of Trier with its 2000-year-old history is approximately a one-hour journey away from the Cochem holiday region by car or train, making it an ideal destination for a day trip. In Trier there is plenty for you to discover and explore, for example the Porta Nigra, which has become the town’s symbol, the imperial springs where the Romans once bathed and the amphitheatre where the gladiator Valerius gives an impressive theatrical account of his life and career. The old “Zurlauben” fishing quarter directly on the banks of the Moselle is also well worth a visit.

Koblenz - where the Moselle meets the Rhine

Koblenz is where the Moselle flows into the Rhine. This point, known as the “Deutsche Eck”, is home to the monumental equestrian statue of Kaiser Wilhelm I and is a popular meeting place for visitors from all around the world.

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It is well worth making a trip to visit the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. French flair, with influences from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands – in Luxembourg there is much that is multicultural. Luxembourg City is a fascinating place with a wide variety of historical and cultural sights. Picturesque squares, cosy old alleyways, magnificent boulevards and elaborate parks provide the perfect opportunity to stroll at your leisure.


In the heart of the Naheland region lies the small town of Idar-Oberstein, which is known for its gemstones and precious stones. At the “Edelstein-Erlebniswelt” (Precious Stone Experience World) discover all about the mysterious beauty of precious stones, crystals and minerals in the caves and grottos.

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Volcanic Eifel

If it were not for the many traces left behind by the past, it would be difficult to believe that there were once active volcanoes in the Eifel region. The crater of the “Laacher See” is even active to this day, as you can tell from the gas bubbles that rise to the surface. Near Daun you can marvel at numerous maars – circular crater lakes filled with rainwater. You can even swim in the crater lake known as the Pulvermaar! But beware: the water is cold! Why not visit the volcano museum in Daun and experience volcanic phenomena up close via interactive computer models.