Hiking in the Cochem holiday region

Nature trails, experience trails, themed trails and cultural trails The Mosel.Erlebnis.Route in the Cochem holiday Region.

Like a string of pearls, a series of exquisite hiking trails lead right through the holiday region of Cochem. They are part of the Mosel.Erlebnis.Route and are the perfect way to experience the WineCultureLandscape of the Moselle. The trails lead along sheer rock faces, some high above the river, weave their way through the vine-laden slopes and end at breathtaking viewpoints or in picturesque wine villages with a large number of inviting rustic wine bars.

Wonderful hiking tours Cochem Holiday Region

Wonderful hiking tours Treis-Karden

Apollo Trail


Experience a hiking trail with impressive views, rare plants and animals that flourish in warm climates, sheer rock faces, vineyard terraces and the gentle plateaus of the Moselle trough. The trail gets its name from the rare Mountain Apollo butterfly, a species which is indigenous here. Robust footwear is called for on this 7.5 kilometre long trail, which involves several steep sections and an altitude difference of approx. 200 metres.

Archaeological Hiking Trail


The Moselle peaks are rich in cultural historical traditions. Even as far back as Celtic and Roman times "all sorts of things were afoot" on the mountain. This is proven by the many archaeological monuments, some of which are highlighted and explained by signs along the trail "Moselhöhenweg".

Bee Experience Trail


The compact 300 m trail that has been created on Bruttig’s mountain explores the life of bees, the special aspects of their social life, the creation of bee products and their composition.

Breva Wine Trail

(Bruttig-Fankel, Ernst, Valwig)

The joint project of the villages of Bruttig, Ernst and Valwig is based on the idea of creating an enjoyable link between a premium Moselle wine and actively experiencing the steep vineyards. The nature experience is a hiking trail created as a self-initiative, which guides you through the imposing landscape formations along the Moselle and through one of the best vineyard locations by the Moselle, the “Valwiger Herrenberg”. We invite you to get to know the mountain, the trail, the wine and the region with all your senses.

Briedern Switzerland


The hiking trail links the small medieval town of Beilstein and the municipality of Briedern via a narrow wooded path high up and provides information about the history of the buildings and culture as well as boat building in Briedern.

Buchsbaum hiking route

(Karden, Müden)

The Buchsbaum hiking route connects the towns of Karden and Müden. Info boards at the starting points (in Karden at the end of the Eltz Castle trail and in Müden by the early Franconian burial ground) show you the route.


(Bremm, Ediger-Eller)

Adventure in the steepest vineyard in Europe! Via a series of ladders the trail leads past striking spurs of rock. Steel ropes assist you in crossing the ridge. Enjoy the magnificent panorama between the villages of Bremm and Ediger-Eller with a view of the ruins of the Stuben Convent Church and the bend in the Moselle. The hut on the “Galgenlay” invites you to stop for a break and enjoy a slap-up vintner’s snack. Or perhaps you would rather keep on climbing all the way up to “Todesangst” (lit. “fear of death”) to see the steep drop into the Moselle Valley?

Moselkrampen Experience

(Ernst, Bruttig-Fankel, Beilstein, Ellenz-Poltersdorf)

Via trails and paths bursting with variety and leading through vineyards, uncultivated land, woodland and small Moselle villages, the hiking trail connects the romantic wine villages of Ellenz-Poltersdorf, Ernst, Bruttig-Fankel and Beilstein. This section of the Moselle is called the “Krampen”, referring to the especially meandering course of the Moselle here. The themed notice boards and information signs which can be found dotted along the 15 km of medium-difficulty trails serve as interesting information media. Numerous viewpoints, some with shelters, invite you to stop for a while and take in the spectacular scenery.

Valley of Wilde Endert Experience Trail

A hike through the valley of “Wilde Endert” offers a nature experience of a rather original kind. The stream of the same name on whose banks 34 mills once performed their work is representative of this wild and romantic side valley of the Moselle.

Calmont Region Cultural Trail

(Bremm, Ediger-Eller, Neef)

The “Calmont-Kloster Stuben-Petersberg” round cultural trail has much to offer: walk around the Moselle bend, visit Petersberg with its late roman fortifications, look around the picturesque church ruins of the former Stuben Monastery or climb the Calmont-Klettersteig (fixed rope route).

Cultural Trail of the Religions


Every religion has its own holy places. Discover testimonies to the Christian and Jewish faiths as well as to the ancient religions of the Celts, Romans and Franconians on this trail. On the round tour from Ediger-Eller up to the “Kreuzweg” (Way of the Cross) you will pass the Chapel “Kreuzkapelle”, where a replica of the Renaissance relief “Christ in the wine press” can be found. Passing the “Raum der Stille” (Room of Silence), you return to the village via the “Andachtsweg” (Prayer Path).

Dortebach Valley Cultural Trail

(near Klotten)

The Dortebach Valley is a unique, Alpine-like side valley of the Moselle of particular beauty near the municipality of Klotten. Remarkable and rare flora and fauna have become established in this valley. In the oldest nature reserve in the Moselle Valley even the Green Lizard which is threatened by extinction can be found.

Mesenicher Steinreichskäpp Cultural Trail


Themed information boards and sculptures are creatively used to present the topics of geology, man and history. It is above all the heads of individuals from Mesenich that have been chiselled in stone and the playful way in which stones are handled that make the “Steinreichskäpp” so special. Hikers also have the opportunity here to take a creative and sporty approach to stones.

Sculpture Park


Creative artists have fashioned sculptures from a range of different materials and have displayed them in the form of an open air-exhibition, creating a unique symbiosis with the Moselle, the village and the vineyards. Discover the many sculptures that are scattered around the landscape of Senheim.

Lenus-Mars trail

(Karden, Pommern)

The 5.1-kilometre Lenus-Mars trail connects the towns of Karden and Pommern. Info boards provide interesting facts about the excavations and the settlement of the temple complex. As you walk up the hill you will see wooden sculptures of Celtic warriors, a Roman woman and a castor from Late Antiquity on the wayside. Info boards in Karden (at the end of the "Unter den Weinbergen" road) and in Pommern ("Am Goldberg" road) show you a map of the route.

Senheim Literature Trail


Perched high up, the Senheim literature trail shows linguistic works of art with different artists and themes every year. Poetry along the edge of the trail invites you to stop for a moment and enjoy the play of words. Literary texts are presented at 14 points along the trail.

Nehren Roman Graves


This trail centres around Roman grave temples. The walk begins in Nehren and leads through the vineyards to the Römerberg and then on to the Roman grave temples.

Slate quarry trail in Lütz


14 display and info boards along the 7-kilometre circular route show pictures of the slate quarry and present plenty of interesting information about slate mining and about the countryside in Lütz. Sunny warm sections like the Wingert, where wine was grown until 100 years ago, alternate with cooler forest tracks.