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Buchsbaum hiking route


The 4.1-kilometre Buchsbaum hiking route connects the towns of Karden and Müden. Info boards at the starting points (in Karden at the end of the Eltz Castle trail and in Müden by the early Franconian burial ground) show you the route.

From Müden: The hike follows a wide vineyard trail and then continues to Krailsbach along a narrow path. Then you continue uphill in several stages towards Karden. Then you pass the grill hut, which affords a magnificent view, uphill along a narrow path to Karden.

From Karden: The route takes you uphill along narrow vineyard paths to the grill hut and then along forest paths downhill again to the Krailsbach brook in several stages. You continue along narrow vineyard and rocky paths and later along a wide

agricultural road before the hike finishes in Müden. There is a train once an hour that takes you back to your starting point.

Hiking tips
Hiking options 2 and 3 are circular routes, and you can start from any of the towns mentioned.

Route 2: (length 16.1 km)

The hike takes you from Karden via the Moselle mountain path to Eltz Castle (which is worth

a visit) and then you continue through the romantic Elztal valley to Moselkern. You continue past the church, the small coffee shop and then you turn right into Moselstrasse and then right again into Mühlweg. Behind the railway underpass you turn left again into a hiking trail. The hike continues to Müden via an agricultural road and past vineyards. Then you follow the public signposts to the Buchsbaum hiking route to Karden.


Route 3: (length 2.3 km)

From Karden you walk up the hill to the grill hut and then back to the starting point via Klickerterhof farm. This hike follows the Buchsbaum hiking route for a short distance. There are refreshment options along the way in the towns.
The Buchsbaum hiking route takes you along narrow vineyard and rocky paths for some of the way. You need solid footwear with good grip. The wild box tree grows on hillsides and open woodland. Its natural habitat is southern Europe, north Africa, the Caucasus Mountains and the western Himalayas. In Germany the shrub grows in the Rhine and Moselle region and in parts of the Black Forest.



Höhenprofil "Buchsbaum-Wanderweg"

Altitude profile of the Buchsbaum hiking route
The northernmost occurrence of the wild box tree in Europe is on the steep slopes of the Central and Lower Moselle, because of the region's mild climate. Between Karden and Müden the wild box tree covers an area of approx. 300 ha. On warm summer days you can smell the Mediterranean scent as you walk through the vineyards. To this day, the palm branches carried on Palm Sunday are made from box wood in the Moselle region. They are hung up in bunches in people's homes and courtyards to attract God's blessing.

Route characteristics
The Buchsbaum hiking route takes you along narrow vineyard and rocky paths for some of the way. You need solid footwear with good grip.
Route information
Hiking route: 4.1 km
Altitude: 270 m
Walking time: approx. 1.5 hours


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